Search Engine Optimisation

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This is often why:

  • Poor site structure
  • Page file sizes are too big
  • Targeting the wrong keywords
  • Poor quality website hosting
  • Poor content quality
  • Too few incoming links
  • Too many toxic incoming links

Often the majority of spend has gone on the look of your website and the small details which can make huge differences are left.

Keyword research & ranking analysis

A keyword is a word, or phrase a potential customer might type into search engines to find what they are looking for. If you do not have the right words in the right places then your website is under performing.

I will research hundreds of keywords and phrases relevent to your business and advise on how best to target them. Sometimes changing a few words on a website can double traffic almost overnight. How well does your website rank? I will analyse which keywords your site already ranks for and identify opportunites you are missing out on.

Website structure & design

Is your website structured in the most optimal way, with the most important pages seen as just that by search engines? With more and more customers accessing the Internet with mobile devices it is more important than ever that your website is mobile friendly. I will audit your website and advise on page speed, file sizes, site structure and user experience.

Link building & backlinks

One of the most important factors on how well your website will rank is the number, quality, and timing of links to your website from other sites. Not all links are equal and too many poor quality, spammy links to your site may be harming it. I will analyse the backlinks to your site and advise on how to gain more quality links, or how to deal with bad links.